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My Story

There I was, living my life like I had no worries.  I was serving in the military.  I was living in a foreign country, had a secure job, a paid off car, and more money than I believed I could spend. 


But somehow, I did.


I was actually living paycheck to paycheck, but I didn’t realize it.


I had the latest gadgets.  I felt like I could buy whatever I wanted.


As a person that joined the military right after high school, I hadn’t focused my efforts on understanding finance.


I focused on my job and material things for about half of my career.  I focused on all the things I didn’t have growing up.  For all the “No’s” I heard growing up in the lower middle class, I was telling myself “Yes”.


But it’s interesting how everything in your life can change in a moment.


One day, I was getting ready to go to a Halloween party.  I was excited to spend time with some good friends that night.


Then my cell phone rung.


It was my Mom so I quickly picked up.


The news was not good.


My heart was completely fractured after hearing it. 


Now, I wasn’t sure if I should even go to this party, but I also didn’t want to be alone after this news.


Plus, I had promised to go with a friend so I couldn’t let her down.


I probably should not have gone, but I went to the party as planned.


It wasn’t a great idea because no one there knew what I was going through, not even my friend that I drove to the party. 


I was holding it all inside like I always do.


But this time, it was an impossible challenge.


Trying to digest the information that replayed over and over in my head while trying to understand, accept, and manage my emotions.


I felt like I was just sitting there in a chair, detached from the world, as the party continued to happen all around me. 


Anyone that spoke to me was instantly drawn underneath the dark cloud that was looming over me.


This was very different from my normal personality so I’m sure it caught people off guard.


As the party ended, my friend and I began our drive.  She asked me about the difference in my mood and personality.


I shared with her the conversation I had with my Mom.


Instantly, she was transported under my dark cloud.


We talked as much as we could, but it was just one of those difficult conversations when it's just uncomfortable and no one knows the right thing to say.


I dropped her off at her home. 


Then I continued home alone.


A few short days later, I was back at home in Virginia.


I don’t remember much about this time because my emotions were so erratic and I was adjusting to the time zone difference. 


I felt like a zombie. 


I was in disbelief.


It wasn’t until I was at the funeral, trying to put on a brave face, that I walked to the front and saw the reality with my own eyes that the pain and emotion overtook me.


And my eyes began to fill with tears.


I don't remember a time I have ever cried like this.


This person meant the world to me and the rest of my family and friends. It was one of the biggest losses we ever faced.


The next thing I remember clearly is being on a plane back to my home in another country.


I sat there and thought about how precious life is and how quickly it could be over.  Even if you live a long life, it still seems like it goes by so fast.


Now I finally understood this.


And after this heart wrenching loss happened, I realized it was time for me to grow up.


I realized that time goes by quicker than we realize, and that tomorrow is never promised so you have to be grateful and appreciate every day.


And make the most out of every day.


It’s unfortunate that it usually takes painful events before we begin to get our acts together.


It was time for me to be financially responsible.


If my financial situation was to change, it was up to me to make that change.


A year later, I had to go for a temporary duty in the middle east.


While there, I worked 12 hour days everyday with 1 day off each week.


I developed a routine.


I worked, ran around a track, watched TV, and slept 3 days a week.


I worked, exercised at the gym, ran around the track, watched TV, and slept the other 3 days of the week.


And I rested on one day.


There was hardly any time or any need to buy anything beyond basic hygiene items…and occasional snacks.


Hey, I’m only human.


Once I returned back to my home 4 months later, I was 20 lbs lighter and had saved up a nice amount.


I was no longer living paycheck to paycheck.


This was the beginning of the change in my financial life.


I understand that everyone cannot go live in a tent in the middle east and live like I did.


But this is part of my story and I want to share it with you.

From then on, I made a conscious effort to learn and focus on my finances.


And my savings began to grow slowly at first and then quickly.


Eventually, I got to a point where I had enough savings and I needed to begin looking at investing.


I looked into and learned about stocks, real estate, and business. 


I had some good years and some very bad years.


But through it all, I never stopped learning and growing.


I learned from my victories.  I learned even more from my defeats.


And now, I am ready to share with you the principles that have helped me.


I understand there is a lot of information out there.  Some helps you get closer to your goals while other information will help you get further away from your goals.


There was one point in my life where I was really chasing money.  I chased after money so hungrily that I ignored some of my key principles.


And when I did this, money seemed like it moved further away from me.


So, my savings, income, and net worth have fluctuated up and down over the years. 


I can remember times when I had no net worth or even a negative net worth.  And I’m sure there are many people around the world today that are experiencing the same.


I know most people want to travel in a straight line to success, but that is rarely ever the case.


You must learn and apply these lessons regularly.  They must become principles that you live by.  They must become a part of you.


I’m not here to say you will achieve success or that you will have the life of your dreams.


I’m here to tell you there are layers to success. 


And I’m willing to share the lessons and strategies I have learned over my life.


I understand that some people may not be as excited about this program or idea because it doesn’t offer the thrill of…

  • Getting rich quick
  • Retiring early
  • Quitting your day job

I once chased after all those things and this is what I learned.


There are plenty of offers available that offer those things, but few actually deliver consistently to everyone.


So, if that is what you are searching for.


An easy solution that will instantly cure your problems.


That is not what I offer, and it is rare that you will actually find that anywhere else.


I will be perfectly clear.


I offer a program for those that understand if you want success, you have to work at it continuously.


And maybe you will achieve it…and maybe you won’t.


That is the true reality.


Nothing in life is promised.


So, I only want to work with people that understand this.


Now, with that being said, there is some good news and hope for those that understand this and want to move forward.


As I mentioned, my income, savings, and net worth have fluctuated over the years.


Once I retired from the military, I did a little test.  


Little is an understatement. 


Because I was testing to see if I could survive and prosper on my own without a job.  That can be a scary venture.


And during this test, I managed to survive for about 2 years.


But I depleted my savings, including my retirement.


So, this forced me to start over.


Not completely over as I still had some investments.


But I was starting over at a point that was very uncomfortable for me…and incredibly difficult for my ego.


But through the storm, I began to see the light and it gave me clarity.


This was an opportunity for me to document my rebuild and share it with the world.


With anyone that desires success and is willing to learn new ideas and apply them consistently over time.


Of course, I cannot predict the future for myself or you.


But I know what principles helped me in the past and which did not.


So, I am sharing the principles, old and new, that I will be using as I rebuild.


Since, you may be in a different part of your journey to success, you may be able to take some lessons and apply them more than I can at this moment.


Or you may be just getting started and still have a lot to learn.


The point is…my goal is to create a living program that anyone that is serious can use.


For some, it may be a refresher to get refocused on the principles.


For others, it may be a new introduction.


And still for others, it may introduce additional lessons to strengthen the knowledge you already have.


For everyone, your journey is just that…your journey.


So, I can’t predict everything you will go through.

  • What obstacles you may encounter
  • What setbacks you may have
  • What areas of mindset you may struggle with

But you will be able to communicate with me and share those things.  And that should help you and the program grow stronger.


And I understand that finance can be a touchy and private subject for some.


That’s why if you’re very private, you should be able to go through the program privately and at your own pace.


In my lessons, I typically do not share specific money amounts.  I use generic examples so you get the idea.


Because it’s not about bragging or boasting.


It’s about helping and growing.


It’s about consistently improving in an effort to reach your goals and dreams.


I will share my principles and I hope they lead you to your dreams of success.


So, you probably want to know what some of the things are you will learn inside this program.


Well, we look at principles in:

  • Finance
  • Mindset
  • Stocks
  • Real Estate
  • And more!

Specifically, when you invest in the program, you will learn…

  • A simple strategy to monitor all your finances in one place
  • How to rethink financial strategies for success
  • Mindset lessons that support success
  • How to invest and build your savings and investments step-by-step
  • Simple strategy for investing in real estate most people overlook

So, what will you gain when you get started?


You will get…

  • At least 1 month of finance training
  • The Super Simple Success Secret eBook
  • 300+ Simple Business Ideas eBook
  • Dwayne Graves Online Brochure
  • And much more!

I’m sure at this time, there are still some people that are skeptical. 


Some may be thinking...


“Why don’t you give it away for free if you really want to help?”


That answer is simple.  This is part of my business.  A business that gives everything away for free does not make it.


Plus, I have invested a lot of my time, money, and effort to create this. 


And because of this...


I only want to work with serious people. 


It’s as simple as that. 


You may be thinking…


”This is great, but how much will I need to pay for this?”


And that is why I have the complete pricing chart for you right here.  Before you even invest $1 with me, I will share my complete pricing list.  You will see the monthly cost and there are no hidden charges, upsells, or anything like that. 


It's just cut and dry what you will pay monthly or one-time depending on the payment plan you choose.

  • Dwayne’s Financial Success Blueprint Membership Monthly Fee - $97 per month

  • Dwayne’s Financial Success Blueprint Membership Lifetime Access Fee - $997 One-Time Cost (Save 14% Over Monthly Payments Plus Get Lifetime Access!)

Straight-To-The-Point Lessons

I understand you are busy, but still desire financial success.  So I pride myself on cutting straight to the point in my lessons.  I don't give you a lot of fluff.  I give you what you need right now!

Actionable Information

I don't give you information that you need to research before you can get started.  I provide actionable information so you know what steps you need to take now. 

What You'll Get​?

This is what you will get inside this program over the next months when you maintain your monthly membership or purchase the lifetime membership. 

  • Module One

    Budgeting Basics And Tracking Spending

  • Module Two

    The Super Simple Success Secret

  • Module Three

    Creating A Mindset For Success

  • Module Four

    Understanding Credit Essentials

  • Module Five

    Investing To Win With Stocks

  • Module Six

    Building Wealth With Real Estate


Get Started Today On Your Financial Success Journey!

  • Budgeting And Tracking Spending

  • Investing To Win With Stocks

  • Mindset For Success

  • Building Wealth With Real Estate

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